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Nitropolis 2 game review

Buckle yourself up for yet another volatile, post-apocalyptic, futuristic animal dystopia ride as Nitropolis 2 is the equivalent of an audiovisual monster truck that’s about to crash into your screen. In fact, it literally happens when you trigger the bonus round, and ELK has nothing to hold back about this release, other than, unfortunately, the potential and the RTP.

It’s easy to pump everything up when the insane soundtrack is pumping adrenaline into your system, but part of our job as reviewers is also to pour some ice into your veins. Players looking for even more non-stop mess are unlikely to be disappointed, but a little sad that the 10,000x potential remains the same with so many additional ways to win. Overall, despite the 1% drop in RTP, this is a solid sequel with a ton of new modifiers to help you move on.

Features of Nitropolis 2

The wild symbol replaces all regular payment symbols, and it also costs the same as the highest value premium symbol. This means 6 on a payline equals 1x winnings. It doesn’t sound like much, but Nitro Reels can literally blow up both the number of symbols and the number of ways to win at any time.

Whenever Nitro Reels land, they cover 2 symbol positions and contain 4 to 12 matching payout symbols. A staggering 191,102,976 ways can be generated if you maximize this feature with 24 symbols per reel. All non-winning symbols become sticky after every win, and winning positions rotate again. This process repeats as long as you keep winning.

The biggest upgrade from the original game is the Nitro Booster drum, which sits on top of the regular drums. Function symbols appear on this top reel and assign 8 different modifiers as follows:

  • Nitro Wild – The nitro reels below will only contain jokers.
  • All Wild – All sticky nitro drums and new nitro drums contain only wilds.
  • All Premium – all nitro reels contain only premium symbols.
  • Nitro Upgrade – adds extra symbols to nitro reels up to 12.
  • All Match – all nitro reels match the symbol on the left reel.
  • Respin – Bonus symbols and nitro reels become sticky to respin.
  • Pay both ways – launches a two-way payment system.

To trigger the bonus round, you need to place 3 to 6 Hot Rod scatters anywhere to trigger the bonus round, and this gives 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins, respectively. Everything happens exactly the same as in the main game, except that all landing Nitro Reels become sticky for the duration of the function.

The X menu offers 5 different options for purchasing features (not for UK players), namely:

  • You can buy a guaranteed winning spin up to 5x your stake.
  • Pay 25x your stake and you will receive 3 spins with special or bonus symbols on each position on the top reel of the Nitro Blast.
  • Increase your bet 100x to get 3 guaranteed scatters on your next spin and get a bonus round of 10 free spins.
  • Increase this bet 200 times and the bonus round starts with 4 scatters. This gives you 15 free spins.
  • If you are willing to pay 500x your stake, you will receive 10 Free Spins with 12 Nitro Reels locked in the duration of this feature. That’s 2 Nitro Reels per regular reel and that’s the maximum.

Experience 200 spins

We think this is a new personal best in terms of long main videos, as this one is a full 10 minutes long. After a few initial wins in the base game, we buy a 500x bonus round and it starts at 1:52 video. Immediately after it plays out, we move on to the 15 free spins version. You can always put your video at 2x speed to burn it all through.

Summary of the Online casino Malaysia game review

When you first run this thing, you won’t even know what hit you, this is especially true if, for whatever reason, you have never tested the original Online casino Malaysia game. Nitropolis 2 Online casino Malaysia is an adrenaline-filled, futuristic walk from start to finish, with a mental soundtrack that will make you feel like someone has poured gasoline filled with nitro-gasoline into your veins. That being said, after the initial rush has subsided a bit, you will notice several significant drawbacks.

The brand-new reel with Nitro Booster function undoubtedly expands the possibilities. However, you also get a lot of time-consuming bells and whistles, and they can be annoying when, more often than not, they are combined with miserable or no return. Updating the game with over 100 million additional ways to win beyond the original 85M + seems like overkill when the 10,000x potential remains unchanged. In addition, the RTP was lowered to 95%, which is a full percentage below the original.


  • New coil with Nitro Booster function
  • Take advantage of 8 unique modifiers
  • Up to 12 nitro drums and 191 M + ways
  • Bonus round with sticky nitro drums
  • 5 purchase options for X (not UK)
  • Win up to 10,000 times your stake

If you like Nitropolis 2, you should also try:

Nitropolis is an explosive original game from ELK, and this is where they first came up with the mechanics of Nitro Reels. This can lead to up to 85,155,840 ways to win on 6 reels and you will benefit from repeating sticky winning symbols. The bonus round features sticky nitro drums and payouts 10,000 times your stake.

Punk rocker – has the same direct relationship as Nitropolis, and the soundtrack is also somewhat similar. The xWays mechanics from NoLimit City clearly inspired ELK to create Nitro Reels, but they contain far fewer symbols and a total number of possible ways to win. 2 multifunctional bonus rounds are waiting for you, as well as 15,000 times the potential.

San Quentin xWays is another NoLimit City release that clearly influenced the game. Not only does it have the xWays mechanic, but the Enhancer slots on the top reel give various modifiers such as Razor Split and others. The Lockdown Free Spins feature features jumping wilds and a solid 150,000x potential.

Nitropolis 2 Slots Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTP in Nitropolis 2?

The payout percentage of 95% these days is 1% below the industry standard and 1.1% below what is offered in the original game.

How unstable is Nitropolis 2?

Volatility is above average and you should definitely buckle up for a bumpy ride.

What is the biggest possible win?

You can win up to 10,000 times your stake in Nitropolis 2 just like in the first game.

How does Nitro Reels ™ mechanics work?

This is the top drum that provides 8 unique modifiers that can be applied to the drums directly below it or to all of the drums.

Does Nitropolis 2 have a free spins mode?

Yes, you can win up to 25 free spins and all landing Nitro Reels become sticky for the duration of this feature. Players from other countries can also purchase different versions of the bonus round and other features.

How many ways to win are available?

You will play from 4096 to 191 102 976 ways to win, depending on how many Nitro Reels you land and the number of symbols on the Nitro Reel.

Can I play Nitropolis 2 slot for free?

Yes, you can always try the free demo game Nitropolis 2 at the very top of this page (UK players must confirm age first). You will find casinos that carry this title, which is confirmed by our scans.